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Jaipur Palace Restaurant Altrincham Explore

Founded by Dr Jajoo and the late Dinesh Mota, one of the best Indian vegetarian chefs Dr Jajoo has ever come across in his 35 years of food trade experience. Dinesh and Dr Jajoo imagine a world where customers can really taste the true art of Vegetarian and Vegan Indian food, as eaten in India. Dinesh was inspiring and was inspired by those around him, his legacy and incredible food has been passed on to our chefs and will never be forgotten.

We have an amazing new Street Food menu at Altrincham which we would love you to try. Street food in India is eaten at the roadside by all economic classes and cuts across barriers of class, religion, gender and ethnicity. Dr Jajoo firmly believes in this principal that eating food together is one of life’s simple yet memorable pleasures to be enjoyed and treasured by all.